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The team at Horizon Steel has four decades of experience working with a vast array of steel products. Whatever your steel product needs are, we can source the right material and fabricate it to your exact specifications.

Aluminized Steel rolls

Aluminized Steel

Known for its structural durability and high yield strength in corrosive conditions, aluminized steel is used in a wide variety of industries.

close up of cold rolled steel

Cold Rolled Steel

Cold rolling is the process of applying high pressure to steel as it passes through rollers at room temperature. Cold rolling aids in achieving more precise dimensions, a higher tensile strength, and improved surface quality.

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Electrogalvanized Steel

The electrogalvanizing process utilizes current to bond a layer of zinc to steel to aid in the metal’s ability to resist corrosion.  This specially treated steel is used in an array of products for the automotive industry and other applications.


Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel has zinc coated to it, to help prevent rust and corrosion. Steel is dipped into a tank of molten zinc, which creates a bond to the steel’s surface.

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Galvannealed Steel

Galvannealed steel is run through liquid zinc alloy for corrosion protection, and then passed through a low-pressure air knife to thin the zinc coating. 

rolls of steel

Hot Rolled Steel

Hot rolled steel is shaped at high temperatures, usually 1700 degrees or higher. This process makes working with the steel easier during a product’s manufacturing phase. Hot rolled steel has a lower tensile strength than steel that has been cold rolled.  

tin plate

Special Products

The highly experienced team members at Horizon Steel are experts in the field of Brass, Stainless Steel, and Tin Plate products.

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