Slitting Services

The process of slitting takes a large coil of steel and passes it through a set of rotary slitting knives, creating multiple narrower coils that maintain the slit width throughout the entire coil. By using precision slitting equipment, it is possible to hold width tolerances of +/- .005”. The slit “mults” are recoiled and can be broken to custom sizes in order to meet weight and specifications.

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Horizon Steel utilizes our precision slitting equipment to service customers across many different industries, such as automotive, solar, agriculture, oil & mining, heavy truck, construction, appliance and many other applications are supplied through our facilities. Horizon Steel can accommodate all grades of carbon steel from .010” to .500” thick.

At Horizon, we specialize in advanced high strength steels for the automotive industry. Dual Phase, Multi Phase, Trip Steel, and Martensitic grades are all products well within our wheelhouse. We have invested in specialty equipment capable of slitting AHSS Advanced High Strength Steels as well as the milder commercial grades of steel, so that we can exceed customer requirements for tolerances, coil sizes, and packaging. If you are unsure about your part application, our sales experts and support staff will gladly host an exploration meeting to provide insight and solutions that match your company’s needs.

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