Galvannealed Steel

Galvannealed Steel begins with the same process as hot dipped galvanizing process.  After coming out of the zinc bath, the material is then heated in an annealing furnace, which causes the iron and zinc layers to diffuse into one another creating a zinc-iron alloy layer.  The finished coating will have a matte appearance that is hard and brittle and great for paint adhesion.  Galvanneal will also have better spot weldability than galvanized steel.  Some common uses of galvannealed steel are automotive components, construction, garbage and linen chutes, signs, guardrails, and bridge components. 


Common Grades

  • Commercial Steel Type A,B,C (CSA,CSB,CSC)
  • Forming Steel Type A,B (FSA, FSB)
  • Deep Drawing Steel (DDS)
  • Extra Deep Drawing Steel (EDDS)
  • Dual Phase (DP)
  • Multi Phase (MP)
  • Ultra-High Strength Steel (UHSS)
  • Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS)
  • Structural Strength (SS)
  • Full Hard (SS grade 80)
  • High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA)
  • Bake Hardenable (BH)

Common Specs

  • ASTM A653
  • SAE J403
  • International Standards- Inquire for Availability
  • OEM Standards- Inquire for Availability

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